ways to avoid insurance claim denials


Ways To Avoid Insurance Claim Denials

Medical billing and coding
is a very tedious, detail oriented, and time consuming process. Even those who are specialized in medical billing can make simple mistakes that cause claims denials if they are not thorough. With that being said, it is important to have detailed notes and processes while doing medical billing in order to avoid denials and get your reimbursements more quickly.

A major delay in getting reimbursements from insurance companies is incorrectly submitted insurance claims. Claims can be considered incorrect for a number of reasons. Often times, insurance claims are submitted after the submission deadline, which is instant grounds for denial, they end up not being as specific as they should be, they are illegible, or they are missing information. All of these issues can be avoided with a more thorough process.

It is important to be aware of all aspects of your medical billing and have efficient processes to help you avoid mistakes that can be cause for denials. If you are keeping detailed notes on every account, specifying all information to the greatest extent possible, and keeping track of all submission deadlines, you are instantly decreasing the likelihood of denials.

Another way to avoid denials is to examine past denials, and be aware of the problems or issues that may have occurred in the past to better avoid them in the future. It is important to keep detailed reports of all aspects of your billing so that you can look over your reports regularly and be more aware of what is happening in the department, and why it may be happening.

The best way to avoid denials of your claims is to always be as specific as possible in your claims and coding. Sometimes denials happen because even one code was not specified to the highest level, and the simple discrepancy was enough cause for a denial. This may seem like an unfair or to tough system, but with thousands of codes, and thousands of medical aspects that these codes go with, specificity is key to making the system work properly for everyone.

If you are being specific in all aspects of your billing process, not only are you being specific in your coding, but in your processes and in your note taking, and this can help you know where you are in each and every claim, and better know what you need to get done in order to successfully file them. This also helps when looking back on your notes to know exactly what you did and what you can do to enhance your processes.

Medical billing requires a lot of attention to detail and thoughtfulness, and it truly takes someone specialized in the field to be able to maintain a medical billing department as efficiently as possible. Keeping detailed records and keeping yourself thorough is a sure fire way to avoid discrepancies, and avoiding discrepancies is the only way to avoid denials from insurance companies while doing your medical billing.


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