gastroenterology billing services

Gastroenterology Billing Services

When it comes to getting higher returns on your claims for your gastroenterology practice, Ideal Billing Solutions is for you.  Our company is said to be a 5 star business by our customers. They tell us that we get them higher returns than their in house billers have in the past.  It is a good feeling to know that some of clients are seeing a 20% to 30% higher revenues.  As you may have guessed, our customers count on us to take care of all aspects of their billing. This often includes: revenue cycle management, utilization management, benefit verification and collections of accounts. You will find that our medical billing company has everything in it that you need.

Gastroenterology requires a lot of your time.  Before working with Ideal, healthcare providers are often telling us that they spend more time with their billing than with their patients.  It is hard to imagine going to school to learn gastroenterology and having to do billing instead.  The worst part about this is that you often get low returns on your time spent with billing.  This is mainly due to the fact that your billing was not done properly.  At Ideal billing Solutions, we know coding like the back of our hands. We have been in this market for a long time now and understand coding well. It is important to ask yourself if you are open to getting higher returns on your claims.

Some of the services that we offer and are not limited to are: ICD-10 coding, electronic claim submission, denial management, payment posting, collections and continued follow up on all claims.  We also give you many consulting services that other competitors charge you for.  Some of these services are: credentialing, reviewing, negotiating insurance contracts and taking care of your super-bills. We want you to learn how to trust us.  It is important that you feel that our gastroenterology billing services are unique and powerful.  When it comes to medical billing, we want to do a good job for you and teach you how to succeed in this tough billing field.

When you work with Ideal Billing Solutions, you get dedicated professionals working directly for your practice. We don’t make money unless you do. Our experts are screened for their professionalism before they are hired. They know medical billing well and you can feel at rest knowing that your profits will continue to climb.

Medical billing today is complex.  Most people do not understand it because they have not gone to school to learn about it completely. Our coders and billers have gone to school and gotten their ICD-10 certification.  We have been training for ICD-10 long before it got released on October 1, 2015.  With expert skills like ours, you cannot make a wrong decision by choosing us to work with.

Today, your medical records have to be done with electronic medical records.  It is important to learn from your past mistakes and focus on what you do best.  Let us handle the billing part and you focus on gastroenterology.  On a month to month basis, you will start to see your profits growing stronger.

Coding today is a lot more complex than people can imagine.  When you look at circumstances and call them your own, you can easily see how much change has to happen. Most billing companies ask questions like, “Are we using the right software or making our customers happy?  There are a lot of questions involved in putting a good medical billing plan together.  When you think about it, medical billing has advanced over the past six months.  We went from using the ICD-9 coding system to the ICD-10 coding system. This was a major change since many companies today don’t understand how complex it is to work with new codes.

It is important for a medical biller to have good credentials these days.  Knowing more about ICD-10 coding and billing is a must in healthcare.  Most healthcare companies enjoy having their billing handled by an outside company because it allows them to focus on healthcare.  Billing should be the last part of your everyday problems. However, for millions of doctors across the world, it is often one of the top 10 problems throughout the day.

Medical billing often has you looking for and searching for correct information. You can often find helpful articles about billing in medical journals and magazines. It often takes time to find appropriate billing associations to join.  However, once you find them, you begin to branch out and understand ICD-10 coding and come to know it as you have never known before.  It is possible to have a new outlook in your billing plan for 2016 and beyond. If you look at it, you can understand that billing requires a careful attention to detail. Most billers today say that they have to go through intense training in order to come up with creative ways to put claims through.

Who ever thought that coding would be this complex? For most people, coding entails someone understanding the billing process a lot more.  Billing today is often more complex than it used to be.  It is clear that a medical billing service helps you to get better revenues.













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