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By now, most medical practices have figured out that the medical billing landscape has changed, probably forever. Small to medium sized medical practices may have been able to handle medical billing for their patients in the past, however today, it is less and less possible to do so. The number of patients being seen is high, and time seems so short these days, often the medical billing function is set aside, if only for a short while until it can be taken care of by someone assigned to the task. Maybe you hire a medical biller to perform this task for your practice, or work on weekends yourself to get it done.

With this in mind, you hear a lot today about businesses focusing exclusively on their “core” products and services, and hiring outside companies to perform all other operations that are unrelated to producing that product or service. By concentrating on what are called “core competencies,” a company can devote all its time to meeting their customers’ needs, and less on unrelated – but very important — tasks. This new business practice has seemingly taken over the way many businesses are run today, and really, a medical practice is no exception. If you’ve decided that it is time to run your medical practice more like a business, a medical billing service may be just what you need to get your medical practice to a new level of productivity and generate higher revenues for your practice


The complexity of the business procedures involved with medical billing today demands that additional staff must be hired to perform the medical billing tasks. Generally, these staff members have no medical background. A top notch medical biller is more of a business oriented individual, the complete opposite mindset of a medical professional who provides direct patient care. But remember, if you employ one on your office staff, you will still have employee costs such as salary and overhead, without adding or bettering the patient care your office delivers.

This scenario occurs everywhere today, in medical practices all over the country, so you have plenty of company. If you are now wondering if there is a way you can harness the power of a robust medical billing service to perform the detailed tasks of managing accounts receivable, dealing with contracts, keeping up with government policies and the like, your practice is ready to engage the services of a medical billing service.

For the small to medium sized medical practice, the experience of engaging the services of a medical billing service is invigorating. Reimbursements come in more rapidly, and highly trained professional medical billers handle your most difficult insurance cases for you to the best possible resolution. It is, quite simply, an improvement in patient care. The burden of medical billing, once handed by an independent company, frees the entire practice staff to do what they do best, take care of their patients.

When you consider that using a medical billing company will not only make your practice money, but save you money at the same time, the decision to hire a medical billing company seems like the proverbial “no brainer.”  What are you waiting for?


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