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Ideal billing solutions is one of the leading medical billing companies in the world.  Our expertise in ICD-10 coding is unique and powerful.  Our customers tend to stay with us because we give them a higher return on their claims and they get paid faster. In the end, we don’t make money unless you make money.

Ideal billing solutions provides services for treatment centers, physicians, hospitals, medical facilities and much more. You will find that we have an educated staff that knew about the changes that were coming to the industry long before it happened.  You may have heard about us in the news or on the world wide web.  Everyone seems to be talking about our excellent turnaround.  We strive to please our customers and we enjoy being #1 when it comes to helping our clients with their questions.

Before we take on a new client, we ask you about your expectations of us. What are you looking for exactly?  Our team of experts is friendly, knowledgeable and truly know the field of medical billing like the back of their hand.

You will find that our company assists you with questions about collections, revenue cycle management, benefit verification, ICD-10 coding, revenue cycle management and much more. When you work with us, you don’t have to invest in any expensive software.  Did you know that you will have to invest in new software if you are going to do your own in house medical billing?  The software used in ICD-9 is different. The codes in ICD-10 are often longer.  You will also have to train someone on how to use ICD-10.  Most people find it to be extremely challenging.  At Ideal, we handle all of this for you at a low cost. We are actually cheaper than most medical billing companies. Our clients find us to be a breath of fresh air.

What else can we do for you? Click here to find out more about our services.  Some of our other services are and not limited to:  rapid electronic claims processing, prompt and Immediate posting of payments, peer-to-peer reviews and appeals processing, electronic claims submission including secondary claims and much more.

People have been talking about our excellent customer care because that is what we strive for.  At Ideal, you will find excellent support.  It is important to understand that we know that you have questions about ICD-10.  We are willing to help our clients to understand how the new codes effect your practice and how we can help you to get more money on your claims.

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Get Into The RCM Groove With iDeal Billing Solutions



Revenue Cycle Management is business speak for “give me the money you owe me in as short a time as possible, preferably yesterday.” From that tongue-in-cheek explanation you can see that we regular people think getting paid when the money is owed to us is a pretty good idea and a great way to do business.

But let’s face it. Neither you nor your medical office staff are trained to do what is necessary to make this happen, unless you’ve a great head for numbers and dates. But the people at iDeal Billing Solutions can speed up your revenue cycle (that is, the number of days from medical service rendered until that service is paid for in full) because that is what we do, every day.

You don’t have to give up There is no need to give up managing your practice, either. Just tell iDeal Billing how you want things done, and what you want the results to be, and let us do what we are trained to do – shorten your revenue cycle. You’ll get more sleep at night, promise.

There are some things though, that you will have to do, that we can’t. The first thing is to be sure to get information from your patients about their insurance, or who is going to pay for the service. This puts the revenue cycle in motion, and it must be correct. If not, the start of the revenue cycle will be delayed, and most likely extended for you or us to correct wrong information. So get accurate information about the person responsible for payment if there is no insurance or additional payments must be made. Make that happen and you will be ahead from the start.

iDeal Billing will also initiate electronic charge capture, transferring patient charges from the patient’s electronic health record into your practice management system. iDeal Billing will also take care of charge entry and reviewing it for accuracy. We will check that the correct billing code was used and any related service charges. We then check to make sure it is accurate so corrective, time consuming rework does not have to be done.

The best business advantage iDeal Billing can give your practice is automated claims processing, because it is the best method to save time. We include processing for secondary claims, electronic funds transfer and electronic payments at a fair price, timed to shrink your revenue cycle, in a way that only automating can.

With iDeal Billing, denied or unpaid claims do not stay on your books for long. We will stay on the claim and update you regularly of our progress which you will see on our web-based dashboard. Lastly, iDeal Billing will also take care of answering patient questions regarding billing and insurance, and the entire collections process if it should become necessary, plus credit balances and refund management when needed. Through it all, you will be kept up to date by reports customized for your practice which we will create for you.

Call iDeal Billing today and let us show you how we work. We know you’ll be glad you did, and will want to become a customer. We look forward to hearing from you.


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