should you start an in home medical billing company

Should You Start An In Home Medical Billing Company?

Many medical billing software companies today are trying to get students to buy their programs. In my personal opinion, it is never a good idea to purchase this type of software if you work independently.  I say this because it is extremely difficult to get a healthcare provider, doctor or physician to work with you.  Most doctors today are outsourcing their billing to coding companies that know ICD-10.  It is hard to trust an individual that works out of their home. For starters, physicians today have to know a lot about working beside you.  It is important for them to learn more about billing so that they can give you proper information.  When you submit claims to insurance companies, they want to know a lot of detail.

Insurance companies today are a lot pickier when it comes to payouts. They don’t pay out on claims as easily as they used to. In fact, most physicians today are seeing an alarming amount of checks in the mail for far less money than they requested. This is mainly due to inexperience on the biller’s part.  Billers today need to learn about time and effort.  You need to stay focused on what is important and what needs to take place. In time, you will be able to see for yourself that change is good.

Everyone seems to feel uncomfortable with change.  If you are at home, it is important to create a professional look and feel. If you are a stay at home biller, make sure that you have a nice office set up.  You will often have to meet with doctors at your home for them to trust in you.  It is important that there is professionalism wherever you go.

If you choose to be a stay at home biller, make sure that you can provide something unique.  Perhaps you have a master’s degree in billing or a certification in ICD-10.  What are your specialty areas and can you use them in order to help people medical physicians out?  Perhaps you can provide a service in which you provide one on one support more often.  It is important that you have unique services because doctors already feel more comfortable with an established business.

Building good relationships with people that work in healthcare is always a good move.  In fact, most people don’t understand how relationships work in any industry. If you have friends that are nurses and healthcare providers, give them some business cards. See if they can set up a meeting between you and “Dr. Smith”. Sometimes, word of mouth will get you a business contract faster than you thought.  It is important to get a good business relationship going because it is free advertising.  Did you know that many billers today say that they have to go back to school in order to learn ICD-10? This means that if you already an expert in it, you have a good chance of having a physician trust in you.  As you already know, October 1, 2015 marked a ground for billers to learn more.  Billing today has become a complex system and it takes a creative person to get higher returns for their bosses.





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