how to get a client to come to your treatment center

How to Get a Client To Come To Your Treatment Center

How to Get a Client To Come To Your Treatment CenterTreatment center managers want to know how they can get potential clients through their doors.  It often seems like there is a treatment center on every corner in Florida. It often costs addicts over $20,000 to get inpatient treatment for 30 days.  Most treatment centers ask the same questions.  It is important to have your treatment center stand out so that your potential client can see the benefits of entering into your facility.

Using Local Marketing

Local digital marketing has quickly become the most cost effective process for acquiring new clients to your treatment center.  Many traditional marketing agencies are now focusing more on local search engine optimization services to fill the beds.  This style of local marketing has become so effective because of the massive use of smart phones in today’s society.

First Contact

It is important to ask important questions like, “What do you expect in a treatment program?”  Often, treatment centers are interested in telling their potential clients all about their facility. They may say that we are placed on a waterfront and have 5 star accommodations. However, what if the addict just wants their own room and some serious conversations with a therapist? Many addiction experts are beginning to learn that it is necessary to address an addicts issues on their terms.  Sometimes it is out of the norm. However, can this process actually help recovering addicts? Many experts say that it can because the traditional methods are not working. It is estimated that 85% of all addicts that leave an inpatient treatment center have to go back within a year.  Most addicts never make a full recovery. Many overdose on drugs and alcohol.

Understand their needs

Your clients wants help. Getting to know your client over the phone is an important step. Many addicts see a treatment center as a money pit. They may often tell you that you are only there to make money and that you don’t care about people that have an addiction problem. Most treatment center owners are ex addicts themselves. They are not the “money hungry” individuals that clients try to make them out to be. Yes, you can earn a lot of money having a treatment center.

However, the majority of treatment centers are losing money because of the insurance crisis happening in the United States right now. Most insurance is not accepted at a private treatment center.  Addicts are often surprised to hear that they cannot go to a particular facility because they don’t have the right insurance.  Most treatment centers only work with private insurance companies.

A strong website

Your client should feel a sense of peace when they look at your rehab online. Most treatment center websites are basic and do not showcase the rehabs full picture. They often have a small picture of what the future is going to hold.  You may or may not know that a treatment center has pictures and videos that can be added to the website.

If your clients are not sure about your facility, show them more about who you are.  As they say, “pictures speak a thousand words.”  Many successful treatment centers know that social media is important. Their online reputation can only grow if the public is satisfied with the care that you give to them. If you are not satisfied, your customers will often let you know publicly.  It may be necessary to hire a reputation management company to ensure that your social comments are a representation of who and what you are.


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