medical billing services offered

Medical Billing Services Offered

Often times, the choice to outsource your medical billing to a billing company comes as a stressful, worrisome decision. At first, many physicians are worried about transferring the medical billing services from in house to outsourcing simply because they don’t know the many benefits that there are and services that medical billing companies may offer. The point of outsourcing your medical billing isn’t simply paying someone to do the work you don’t have time for, medical billing companies often offer a number of services, some of which you may even be unable to do on your own.

  • Payment posting and processing
  • Patient invoicing and support
  • Medical coding
  • Claims generation and submission
  • Insurance eligibility verification
  • Carrier follow up
  • Collection agency transfer services
  • Transcription
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Credentialing

Not all medical billing companies perform all of these services, but for the most part, they are usually widely practiced in medical billing companies. When you look at the list of services offered by medical billing companies, it is much easier to see why outsourcing to a medical billing company can be a great option for your practice.

Not only do medical billing companies handle your billing as a less costly rate than doing your medical billing from home, but they offer plenty more services on top of that, which means you are really getting more out of your money.  Good medical billing companies only higher medical billers with CPC Certifications, Bachelors, or even Masters Degrees in the medical billing field, and this ensures that only the best most proficient medical billers are working on your account and handling your financials.

Without a medical billing company, or even a whole medical department of your own, the simple creation of invoicing and claims can be overwhelming for a member of your staff to take on. Medical billing truly does require a specialized team, and in hiring a team of your own, you will be spending and exorbitant amount of money, even for a smaller team, and the amount of time required for your billing may mean that your department may not be able to perform some of the above listed tasks as well as their regular work load. On top of this, you have to handle the management and day to day delegations of your medical billing department, which unfortunately, as in any billing department, run a high risk of embezzlement issues, and you could potentially be paying a higher cost for less service in return.

When looking for a medical billing company, it is important to look at the services that company offers, and do your research. Outsourcing to the right medical billing company can be a great boost for your business, and you could potentially have an increase in your revenue by simply moving your billing out your office and into a specialized company. Medical billing companies are great services that can help you save money and time in your medical billing process, all while offering a number of others services to you, to help your practice run as smoothly as possible.


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