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Every healthcare company wants to have software that is built to their specific needs.  Chiropractors often have a specific business that requires specialized software.  They are obviously not doing oncology or entomology.  When outsourcing your work to a medical billing company, it is important to have experts that know and understand chiropractic care.  In today’s healthcare profession, chiropractors are demanding better software for their billing. This article will showcase a few medical billing software’s that are being used today by many chiropractors. Many chiropractors outsource their work to Ideal Billing Solutions because we have superior software that caters to chiropractors.  We also work with treatment centers, drug and alcohol rehabs, nursing homes, private practice clinics, hospitals and others.  If you want to still do your own in house billing, you may want to check out some of these software companies that are growing in popularity.

Rapid software is perhaps one of the most widely used software programs for chiropractors. This software comes highly recommended by documentation experts in the industry.  It gives you complete compliance and properly documents your claims.  This software costs around $249.00 a month and handles your EHR.  You can create documentation that is detailed in around 30 seconds. You don’t need to have any stress or wasted paper.  A lot of chiropractors say that this software works well for them because it is affordable and gives you a good outlook for your billing in 2016.  The software has a free demo and is web based.  The company offers documentation, live online support and webinars.  Chiropractors that use this software can do: appointment management, SOAP notes, EHR certified, outcome assessments, claims management and patient records. There are a lot of features in this software that are great for healthcare professionals.

If you are looking for a cheaper option, you may want to consider a software called WonderDoc chiropractic EHR.  This software helps you to manage your practice and overhead.  You get to increase collections and improve your patient care.  This software was built by chiropractors and it’s for chiropractors.  You will most likely be amazed by the fact that it was designed for the chiropractic business.  This means that someone knows your business very well and obviously decided to create specialized software because of it. There is an estimated starting price of around $1,295.00.  The company offers online support during business hours. You may or may not know that most software has a starting price point. The more detailed you want to get, the price often gets higher. It is best to check with the software company before buying.

If you are looking for something simple to handle your appointment management, you may want to try Spinetech SOAP.  This is easy to use touch screen chiropractic software.  Creating notes just became easier. The pricing for this varies. It can often be paid month to month or a onetime purchase.  In actuality, you have to decide on what works best for your business.

Another software that is used often is Chiro Quick Charts. This software was built for chiropractors as well.  This software does not come cheap, but is one of the most popular software’s on the market.  The last time that I checked, this software was priced at around $8,995.00.  It is a onetime purchase and handles: scheduling, EHR (certified), text and email reminders, change/payment entry, insurance bulking, patient statements and much more.  Healthcare companies often purchase this software because it gets the job done.  Of course, you must have your own in house ICD-10 coding experts in order to get higher revenues. Just because you have an outstanding software program doesn’t meant that you will automatically get higher revenues or great payouts on your claims.

Most doctors today claim that collection higher revenues is difficult and people often are frustrated by the lack of support that they receive from a medical billing company.  It is important to keep in mind that doctors across the United States want to have better billing.  Most medical doctors want to see their practice doing better.  Having better revenues often entails hiring men and women that know how to code in ICD-10 properly.  There is no easy way to do ICD-10. It takes education, certification and experience.

Another user favorite is PayCD chiropractic software.  You may be wondering why this software is used by so many chiropractors.  The reasons vary. However, here are a few features of the product.  It is web based, EHR certified and completely integrated.  You can access the software anywhere securely and it has automatic updates.  It usually costs around $149.00 a month and you don’t need a pricey server.  You can manage patient care a lot easier and be compliant with HIPAA.  There is an integrated billing system and payment planning as well.  The company offers you a free demo of their product.  Yes, there is also live online help and webinars.  You will find that the company gives you help during business hours.

Outsourcing your billing in today’s world is highly recommended by most professionals.  Most doctors today are leaning more towards outsourcing their billing for several reasons.  There seems to be a shortage of qualified billers in 2016.  Most chiropractors say that they are having a difficult time finding coders that can get them higher revenues than they are getting right now. It is never easy to get a medical biller that knows your industry completely.   Many outpatient billers often work in several different healthcare companies throughout the course of their career. Finding someone that only works with chiropractors is a rare find. However, in medical billing companies, you will often find that the employees have worked with chiropractors throughout the course of their career. All that the do for eight hours a day is fill out claims and collect on claims. They don’t do anything else but billing. Most chiropractors use their in house team to do secretarial duties and billing as well.  This will never make you an expert. Experts only come around once a year and often they want to help the business to grow.

Software companies today are becoming more in tune with the needs of Chiropractors. Most want to help you to reach your goals.  Another great product is called ChiroTouch.  This software is a bit on the pricey side.  The last time that I looked, it was priced at around $9,750.00 (One time purchase).  It is one of the top chiropractic billing software’s in the world.  It is fully certified and customized for the chiropractic industry.   Customers that use this software often say that the customer support is superior to most other software companies.  If you are like me, you probably want great customer support. It is hard to work with software that doesn’t have someone guiding you along the way. When something is new, it often takes time to learn.  This company is a leader in the industry and it is obvious that they want to improve your profitability and patient care.  It is nice to know that there are companies out there that really do care about the chiropractor and their patients.  It is a wonderful experience to know that someone out there wants to see you succeed.

As you can see, there are many options that a healthcare practice has when it comes to software.  The problem is often not which software you go with. The problem is often how you will go about your ICD-10 billing. Many chiropractors say that they cannot increase their profits because the insurance companies seem to be rejecting their claims. This seems to be true in many cases. However, it is also true that a chiropractic office has choices as well.  Every chiropractor out there seems to have questions about the best way to go about their billing.

When ICD-9 was used, it was a much easier process.  There were only around 14,000 codes that a biller had to know. When ICD-10 came on the market, it changed the billing world forever. Today, medical coders and billers have to take their time when submitting a claim. Insurance companies are looking for any mistake or error that you could possibly make.

If you want to look into other medical billing software’s, here are a few that we find to be most useful for chiropractors: DrChrono, Autumn8, EZBIS, Accountable, Report Master, Vitalogics, Bookeo, Yocale, CollaborateMD PMS, MacPractice DC, ECLIPSE, DoctorMeow, Docurehab Software, Herfert Software, Clinic Essentials and much more.  There are probably around 100+ software’s on the market today for professional chiropractors. Most billing software’s promise you everything from bettering your revenues to being fully compliant with HIPAA.  It is important to always choose a software company that is fully compliant with HIPAA.

There seems to be a need for medical billers to know more about ICD-10.  Once you have mastered this coding language, you will get better revenues. Outsourcing your billing to a company such as Ideal Billing Solutions allows you to have more time with your patients.  Many of our clients tell us that their revenues have increased 20% to 30%.  It is obvious that we are doing something right. We want you to know that we take pride in billing and choose only the best employees to handle your claims.  We have a staff that respects your privacy and confidentiality.   You will find that medical billing becomes easier when someone trained is doing it. Our clients love the fact that we do rapid electronic claims processing and verification of benefits as well.  We are a company that takes pride in working with doctors from all walks of life.  Our doctors tell us that they want to work with a company that is reputable and has a proven track record.  When companies work with us, they know that they are going to be increasing their revenues every single year. Many companies today are hurting for better profits.  It is always painful to lay someone off that is a good worker. You don’t want to lose any staff members. However, how can you afford to keep them if you cannot bring in enough revenue? It all comes down to your billing and how you address certain issues.

Chiropractic billing software is an important step in the process.  Without good software, your practice will fail.  Chiropractors often find that when they have good weekly and monthly reports, they have better revenues.  The software should allow you to have prompt and immediate posting of all claims, electronic charge capture, patient billing and inquiry, collection agency reporting and revenue cycle management.

If you are like me, you probably want to see your success in around 90 days or less. When you see something coming forward from your billing, you are more able to move the process along easier. You can easily find that your business is growing and more revenues are coming in for you.  It is important to learn from your past mistakes.  Learning more about your business is essential in the 21st century. Many medical billers today find themselves having to get retrained in coding because ICD-10 is more complex. If you are the chiropractic physician thinking about outsourcing, it is a big decision to make.  Many chiropractors are afraid of putting their business into the hands of someone that may not do a good job for them.  It is important to not be afraid for several reasons. For starters, your fears may be holding you back from success.  You went to school in order to study the musculoskeletal system.  Your expertise in the spine allows your patients to have better health.  Your worry should not be on your billing.  Your concern needs to be placed on your patients. A big complaint by patients today is that they do not have enough time to spend with their doctor. Most patients today want to see their physician more hours a day. However, they often don’t see that happening. It is always hard to imagine a physician not having enough time to spend with a patient. It is important to have a lot of time to spend with someone.  Your patients count on you to make them feel better.

Professional medical billing companies invest in the best software. Many billing companies spend well over $20,000 a year updating or buying new software.  Today, the medical world is constantly changing. Healthcare providers say that they are seeing major changes in the healthcare system once every six months.  These changes seem to be happening rapidly.  The more that politician’s step into healthcare, the more complex the system seems to be getting.  In billing, you need to know a lot about insurance companies and how each one operates. Each one has a different standard that a biller must come to know. As you spend time in the industry, you begin to understand how to correctly submit a claim.  It is important to get a biller that knows a lot about insurance companies and what it takes to be a biller today.  In the future, the medical billing industry will grow.  It is already becoming a rapidly changing environment. It is important to read medical journals and featured stories on billing. As each day passes, people begin to learn more about billing and what it fully entails.   It is important to attend weekly workshops on the changes that are happening in coding and HIPAA laws.  The more informed you are about billing and coding, the better. You will be thanking yourself later on down the road that you invested time into your billing. The #1 reason why doctors leave their practice is because they cannot earn enough revenue.  Money seems to be a problem for most people.  It is said that many doctors today are leaving their private practices and getting jobs at hospitals because they are guaranteed a salary.  When you have your own business, you often have no idea how much money you will earn. If you have poor revenue cycle management, then you will often fail at keeping your doors open.



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