how is your medical practice impacting your patients

How Is your Medical Practice Impacting Your Patients?

How Is your Medical Practice Impacting Your PatientsWhat kind of medical practice are you running is asked by patients worldwide. Everyone wants to know what kind of reputation their doctor has and if they are the best fit for them. One of the best ways in judging a medical practice is how they keep their documents.  Are they kept safe, private and secure?  Does the medical practice use electronic medical coding and billing or not.  It is important to have all of the pieces of the puzzle working together for you. Medical science deals with having a patient getting treatment for healing and knowing what treatments the patient has already had.  In order to please a patient, they need to know that their records are in safe hands.  Doctors should be able to pull up a patients records in order to see if they have any kind of a disease or other ailment.

Treatment procedures have to be planned out effectively.  There should be documentation on the expected outcome and confidential information.   There must be a professional assessment of what the patient is dealing with from a physician’s perspective.  Insurance companies also like to see this information so that they can reimburse the doctor for treatments given. There should also be a documentation of the patient’s needs.

Every day, doctors lose patient records. They are only human and do make mistakes.  However, this process seems like it has finally come to an end. Now it is state law to keep a patient’s medical records electronically.   This often ensures that their records will not get erased and can be shared with doctors that need to know the patients information.  In the future, I am sure that we will see even more secured data.

It is important to have regular audits of the healthcare company. In this way, you can ensure your patients and interested parties that you are on top of any errors that could be occurring.  Your patients may get a “warm and fuzzy” feeling if they know that you look over all of your records once a month to ensure privacy and confidentiality.  The more informed that your patients are about their health care, the easier it will be for you to retain clients.  Have you ever wondered why so many doctors have a lot of patients and others have very little?  Perhaps it is in the paperwork and how the patients feel that they are being treated.

If you are a regular reader in social media, you will come to notice that patients prefer doctors that are friendly and spend time with them. The doctors with the highest 5 star ratings are those that make the patient feel welcome and like they are not being rushed out of the office.  Patients today don’t want to feel like a laboratory test rat.  Many doctors hire extra nurses to keep on staff in order to talk to the patients more and make them feel welcome.  Some doctors even have monthly office parties in order to keep their clients happy and coming back.  Setting up a coffee/tea/spring water machine often helps to keep patients calm while waiting to see you.


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