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Orthopedics Billing Services

An orthopedic billing service matters because it is the lifeblood of most any company.  Many orthopedic doctors spend their time helping patients with problems such as: preventing deformities, disorders, injuries of the skeleton, tendons and ligaments.  A physician’s office is a place in which patients go to get help when they are in pain or in need of assistance.  The problem with most orthopedic practices is that have poor medical billing and coding.  In house billers are often not skilled enough in ICD-10 coding to get good enough reimbursements on claims for doctors.  In fact, most doctors say that their in house billers often get them less than 70% of revenue that is due to them.  If you are considering outsourcing to Ideal Billing Solutions, we are happy to say that most of our clients get 25% to 30% more revenue through working with us. Our coders are ICD-10 certified and they know billing well.  We only hire the best possible candidates for the job.  Since we only do billing, we are experts. We don’t have to worry about seeing patients.  That is not our specialty. Our specialty is perfecting ICD-10 coding and making sure that you are paid on time and well.  Enjoy seeing the smiles on our client’s faces when they tell us that they are earning good revenue. It is important to not have to focus on your billing.  Your focus is on medicine that tries to prevent problems having to do with the bones and muscles. It is a fact that the #1 complaint from patients is that they do not have enough time to…

Oncology Billing Services

Oncology billing services are one of the amenities that we offer at Ideal Billing Solutions.  When you have an expert doing your ICD-10 coding, you get better results.  An oncologist is often busy working with patients dealing with tumors, cancer and other ailments.  Medical billing is becoming a full time job for most physicians.  Today, outsourcing seems to be the most likely thing to do for doctors across the United States. It is important to understand the many benefits that outsourcing can give to you. For starters, you won’t have to worry if you are getting paid or not. Ideal Billing Solutions has certified iCD-10 coders that handle all types of claims. We work with: oncologists, chiropractors, treatment centers, rehabs, hospitals, pediatricians and so much more.  We focus on the needs of our client and give them superior service that we know their establishment needs.  It is important to speak with someone live on the telephone in order to get more information. Working in oncology doesn’t give you much time to work on your billing. Many doctors spend more time with their billing than with their patients.  Many patients are growing frustrated because they feel that their doctor is only spending 5 to 10 minutes with them during the visit. The rest of the time is working on asking questions and billing.  Most doctors that spend more time with their patients retain them for longer periods of time. Some patients stay with the physician for life. It is clear that in 2016, patients want more attention and doctor time.  Doctors need to make some serious decision on whether they…

Occupational Therapy Billing Services

We offer unique services when it comes to occupational therapy billing.  We understand that your medical practice needs accurate billing. Ideal Billing Solutions has professional ICD-10 coders that handle your collections and revenue cycle management.  You have access to patient data and financial information every day.  We offer state of the art software that is customized to your business needs. We have been doing billing and collections for years now. We enjoy helping our occupational therapists get to the next level. You will find that our aggressive techniques with insurance companies help you to get higher returns on your claims.  We get you the maximum reimbursement.  Our success is because of the professional coders that we have working on our team. We take billing seriously. We don’t profit unless you do.  We give you a detailed report every single month.  When you work with Ideal Billing Solutions, we usually get you paid within 30 days.  We work on your outstanding claims that you presently have. Often, in house billers do a poor job at handling many types of claims and often put them on a “do it later” pile. In actuality, you often never get paid on these claims. We follow up with the insurance companies on every single claim to ensure that you get paid. The best part of working with us is that we give you up to date details daily. We have customized services that are great for occupational therapy practices, chiropractors and oncologists.  Ideal also works with treatment centers and rehabs of all sizes.  You will get easy to understand patient bills and your claims…
Contact Us About Utilization Management

Let us take care of your utilization management.  This is the evaluation of the medical necessity, appropriateness, and efficiency of the use of health care services, procedures, and facilities under the provisions of the applicable health benefits plan, sometimes called “utilization review.”  Ideal Billing Solutions will help your practice by providing these types of services.  Please click here to contact us about this service.

Billing and Collections

When you outsource your medical billing to Ideal Billing Solutions, we take care of the billing and collections of accounts for you.  You never have to worry about putting in the right codes again.  Ideal Billing has years of experience handling all types of medical bills.  Some of our best clients are hospitals, physicians offices, rehabs and medical centers.  Click here to get a FREE quote from us.

Benefit Verification

Let Ideal Billing handle your benefit verification. Click here for a FREE quote of our services.

Profitability Evaluations

Ideal Medical Solutions makes sure that your medical claims billing is profitable. Our expert staff knows how to correctly bill insurance companies so that you can get paid on time and not lose money. Contact Ideal Medical Solutions by clicking here.




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