Physician Billing Guidelines

There are many guidelines that go into medical billing.  Physicians billing guidelines are often complex and hard to understand.  It is important that you have a good idea of what ICD-10 is and how to use it effectively in billing. For starters, ICD-10 allows doctors to pay close attention to what they are billing patients. If you bill a patient incorrectly, your claim is going to be denied by the insurance companies. Most insurance companies today say that they want to help physicians to get paid easier.  However, most physicians don’t feel that way. Many physicians today feel that they are at war with insurance companies.  They often feel that insurance companies don’t want to pay them the fair amount of money that they are do. Most medical professionals would agree that the system is set up so that the insurance companies profit more money. However, is this truly the case? In actuality, it is not.  If you understand and know how to code properly in ICD-10, your revenues should increase each year.  Many medical billers will tell you that they are the best. They will tell you that they have been billing for years and that insurance companies are hard to work with? However, is this truly the case? In our experience, you need to have a proper education in ICD-10 coding and billing in order to get paid well on your claims. You cannot get paid well on your claims if they are filled out incorrectly. If your coder know how to submit claims properly, you should not get them returned to you by the insurance companies….

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