i never thought i would be a medical biller


I Never Thought I Would Be a Medical Biller

When Andy was a young child, she never pictured herself as being a medical biller. She always hoped to one day grow up and work as a medical doctor or nurse. However, she found out later on in life that her dream did not become her reality. In fact, she felt like she was living in the twilight zone. When she turned 17, she got herself pregnant and was unable to go to college like she wanted to.  Her boyfriend decided to marry her and they began a young life together. However, the pain and struggles of life made her see that it was going to be a tough journey for her.

In reality, Andy was trying to figure out what she was going to do with the rest of her life.  A large part of her wanted to start over again, but didn’t know how she was going to do it. Luckily, she found a medical billing and coding course through a magazine that she had found. It told her about becoming a medical biller. The field seemed interesting to her and she decided to start taking college courses from home. Luckily she finished high school and was able to get right into the program without having to take any kind of entrance exam. It was hard for her to imagine her life going around in circles.

It is important to realize that people all over the world want to do well in life.  People that work with billing often say that the job is rewarding. For Andy, the job was more than just happiness. It was a way for her to have a good financial outlook for her daughter and husband. Her husband worked as a construction foreman.  She was working her way towards an associate’s degree in medical billing. She was preparing for the medical coding certification exam. She knew that once she got her certification, everything would be alright.

You may have had a similar experience in coding. Many medical billers and coders today say that they are unsure about the way the system works exactly.  Many people that are looking to break into the medical billing field should understand and know if they want to be a biller or a coder.  Do you want to work inpatient or outpatient?  At first, you will more than likely work outpatient because you don’t have to know as much information as an inpatient biller does. Inpatient billers need to know a lot about billing and coding. It is important to tell someone what you are feeling and going through. On a regular basis, you can ask yourself some simple questions and learn from it.

What is that you want to know or learn more about?  If you are like Andy, you probably want to get a good education first before stepping into the medical billing field.  Most healthcare companies require you to have at least an associate’s degree.  If you want to be a coder, you must have your coding certification. Remember to read up on all HIPAA laws as well.