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At iDeal Billing Solutions we realize that the healthcare industry involves more than just seeing patients and treating them.  We have over 20 years of experience.  Our physicians and business owners count on our services to get a higher return on their claims. We do the medical billing for you so that you don’t have to spend your time on worrying about the billing aspects of your practice.  No need to learn new software.  Save money on your overhead costs of having an in house medical biller.  Outsourcing your medical billing to us allows you to spend more time with  your patients.  We get you higher returns from the insurance companies.  Our team of professionals have years of experience.  Contact Us or call (888) 751-1961

Today, physicians’ practices are overburdened with managed care contracts, lower reimbursement rates, high employee turnover, rising costs of business, and ever-changing government policies – all which require a high-performing business organization.

Medical billing and accounts receivable management in specific is complex. Not only does it require a vast knowledge base on managed care, payer rules, coding, and compliance, it also requires significant managerial oversight to manage these complex processes.

Conducting all of these functions in-house is simply too difficult leading to high costs, lost revenues, and mounting frustration particularly for smaller practices. Partnering with a qualified medical billing company provides you with the necessary resources to tackle billing and accounts receivables management on a daily basis.

What is Medical Billing?

Simply put, medical billing is the submission of your claims to insurance companies for reimbursement. Medical billing in itself, though, is not such a simple process. Patient reports, which include all pertinent information regarding a patient’s visit, their diagnostics, treatments, etc., have to translated into medical codes before being submitted to insurance companies. The medical coding system is extensive and elaborate, with coding standards and guidelines and thousands upon thousands of relevant codes within the system, it often takes a specialized team to handle even one practice’s billing and coding. Medical billing requires specialized professionals simply because it is commonplace for insurance claims to be submitted incorrectly. Because the coding system is universal, claims have to be completely uniformly for submission, and simple mistakes can have claims sent back without reimbursement, and then valuable time and resources are wasted. Due to the difficulty with handling medical billing, there are a number of options with how you can handle your own practices medical billing, each of which will work best for different types of people. Firstly, you can do your medical billing in house. This option is best for smaller practices and those who have time to dedicate to their billing and the attention to detail necessary to maintain the billing. Doing your own medical billing in house lets you be closer to the process and keeps the control in your hands, but again, only if you have the time available to spend doing your own billing Electronic medical billing is also a way to improve the accuracy of in house medical billing. Electronic billing is usually done through a…

Medical Billers Can Help With Claims Adjudication

Put simply, claims adjudication is your day in court when there is a disagreement about the settlement of your medical insurance claim. The short version is, two people do not agree. So they engage in discussion regarding a judgement — or verdict, mediation, negotiation, settlement, decision, arbitration, or resolution — regarding the outcome of the claim that is in dispute. The word “adjudication” sounds so scary. But that’s what it’s called, even if any one of these other words would do nicely. Claims adjudication can get messy. Here is how it starts. You submit a claim for a medical procedure to your insurance company and it examines it against a list of medical codes for services rendered. Then they pay your doctor for the service. After that, the insurance company or doctor might bill you if you’ve paid too little for the service, or rebate you if you’ve paid too much. If the patient does not agree, and wants to fight the decision, the claim enters adjudication. The insurance company may say you are responsible for it according to the terms of your insurance plan, refusing to pay the claim because they say the service isn’t covered by your insurance. So in effect, claims adjudication is your day in court regarding your submitted medical claim, and how payouts for that claim will be handled among the patient, the insurance company, and your physician. It is no wonder that medical billing companies are now offering claims adjudication assistance services to their physician clients. This aspect of a medical practice can take a lot of time and effort, plus be difficult…

Is Your Private Practice Ready For A Medical Billing Company?

Looking back on it, your road to becoming a doctor was long and hard. You studied it all — anatomy, physiology, biology, pathology, urology, dermatology, psychology and oncology, to name only a few specialty areas.  After your residency and licensure, maybe you decided to join a hospital group, and later opened your own office. Wait! Did you study business management, insurance regulations, bookkeeping or accounting? If you answered no, how did you plan on handling the business aspects of your practice? It is no longer considered a good idea to hire your mother or spouse to do your books and handle the billing tasks of your practice, if that is what you did. Today, the medical field is just too complex for the lay person to handle. The industry is complicated, the changes are many, and they are coming fast. The growing business of medical billing services is reflective of our times. It is no longer possible for a physician to provide excellent care to his or her patients, and also become adept at medical billing and collecting fees for services. You reception staff can certainly collect patient co-pays. But when billing becomes complicated after the office visit, if not attended to properly you will experience bounced checks, non-covered services rendered, patients giving false addresses, expired insurance cards, phony credit cards, what have you. Now what do you do? If you hire an office manager or billing manager to take care of this function, it will probably become too much work quickly. There is a lot to keep up on, and most medical billers today have undergone intensive study,…

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