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Medical Billing Services & Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue cycle management in medical billing – Shorter cycles mean more money, faster.  You can count on Ideal Billing Solutions to meet your demands.  No matter if you are from New York, Florida or California, we are the right medical billing company that you have been waiting for.  Many medical billing companies only do billing in their home state.  At Ideal, we do billing in all 50 states.  A benefit to no matter where your practice is located.

Revenue cycle management (RCM) covers the life of a patient’s account, from the time the patient walks in the office door for treatment, to the physician’s receipt of payment due for services. It encompasses all administrative and clinical functions and tasks like determining a patient’s insurance eligibility and collecting co-pays. Ideally, full payments would be received in 30 days, but this does not always occur. This is the prime reason revenue cycle management has become so important to physicians.

Revenue cycle management activities are best handled by someone trained to do this kind of work, usually a medical billing service company. Many group practices hire an outside company to manage their RCM. Medical billing services are the logical choice for this function, as they are mostly comprised of employees who already have a talent for numbers and for following schedules and adhering to deadlines.

Your revenue cycle will shorten when you have a professional medical billing company working for your practice. They will be successful most of the time in securing collections more quickly because they are dedicated to the task, especially accelerating the difficult, aging accounts that increase your revenue cycle, by months sometimes. These are the accounts a skilled medical biller is trained to work on.

The much talked about term, revenue cycle management, is simply the idea that practicing physicians want to get the most amount of money owed to their practice into their practice bank account as soon as possible after the medical service for the patient is performed. If that sounds a little “business-speak” to you, you’re right, it is.

But let’s face it. Neither you nor your medical office staff are trained to perform this kind of work. Frankly, it’s best left to people with a head for numbers. That’s where Ideal Billing can give you the expertise you need to get your revenue cycle current and the money you are owed as quickly as possible.

There is no need to give up control of your practice. Simply set your expectations and parameters with Ideal Billing in an exploratory meeting, then relax and let the experts at Ideal Billing service improve your revenue cycle while you let go of this worrisome task.

What will Ideal Billing do for your practice? The first thing, actually, we cannot do for you, and that is for you to obtain insurance or payer information at the first point of patient contact so the revenue cycle can begin. If you can verify this information, correct erroneous information and determine who is responsible for payment not covered by insurance, your practice will be ahead in revenue cycle management from the start. Ideal Billing will then have the information we need to obtain payment to your practice if it is not forthcoming in a timely manner.

Next, Ideal Billing will provide electronic charge capture. This is the most efficient and seamless way to transfer charges to a patient from his or her electronic health record and into your practice management system accurately and quickly.

Ideal Billing also performs charge entry and review. The vitally important task of using the correct billing code and related charge for the service is a key function in this step. Once that is done, iDeal Billing will recheck it for accuracy so incorrect codes or charges do not need to be corrected later, adding time to the revenue cycle.

Automated claims processes are the biggest time-saver a medical billing service can provide a practice. At Ideal Billing, electronic claims submission including secondary claims directly to the payer, electronic payments and electronic funds transfer are offered at a cost-effective price, and timed to speed up the revenue cycle, usually only possible by automating the process.

Our staff is also tenacious and determined when following up on denied or unpaid claims so they do not linger on your books. Ideal Billing will provide you with regular problem notification via a web-based dashboard that both Ideal Billing and you will have access to. We also handle patient billing and inquiries, and when necessary, collection agency reporting, credit balance and refunds management, and provide you with custom financial reports for your information.

With all this service available to you for a cost-effective price, why are you not an Ideal Billing customer yet? Give us a call today. We look forward to hearing from you and to meeting all of your practice’s financial requirements in one place – Ideal Billing Solutions.

Robert S. Testimonial

After switching to Ideal Billing Solutions, our monthly revenue has increased 30%. By outsourcing our billing operations, we have also been able to significantly cut  our overhead costs, while maintaining quality of care.

Another Great Testimony from Our Client Linda K.

I am the office manager for a physician group. Before using Ideal, I spent a lot of my time with billing and dealing with insurance companies. Now I have the ability to spend more time making sure our patients are getting the level of care they deserve.

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Robert S.

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Time – Your Time is Valuable and it Should Be Spent with Your Patients and Not Having to Fill Out Paperwork.

Money – Our Expertise in Medical Coding Gives Clients More Profits Each and Every Year.


  • Did You Know that the #1 Complaint that Doctors Have is that They Spend More Time Filling Out Paperwork then They do with Their Clients?
  • Doctors that outsource their medical billing to Ideal Billing Solutions say that they worry less about the bills  and focus more on patient care.


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  • Dedicated Team of Professionals with Service Managers on Site.
  • Ability to Contact Us 24 Hours Daily.
  • Payer Fee Schedule Analysis.
  • Contract Negotiations for optimized coverage rates.
  • E&M Coding Feedback Consultations to Increase Cash Flow.
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  • A Top Medical Billing Company in the United States.
  • Focused Audit Requests to Increase Cash Flow.
  • Ask Us Any Question About Your Account on a Daily Basis.
  • Our Clients Stay with Us Because We Deliver Results Fast.
  • Medical Billing Services for All Types of Medical Practices.
  • An Educated Staff that Understands ICD-10 Coding.
  • We Service All 50 States.
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Treatment Centers: The Benefits Of Working With A Medical Billing Service

There are a lot of things that happen inside of a drug and alcohol treatment center. Many experts say that the majority of the day is spent figuring out how to properly manage the treatment center.  It is hard to imagine the rehab getting lots of attention.  It is important to ask yourself why a treatment center is important. For starters, it gets people off of drugs and has them looking more at their internal issues.  Many addicts have to go through intense counseling and group therapy before they are ready to call their addiction quits. It is hard to imagine yourself being in a position where you have to reject clients because they do not have the right medical insurance. However, every day, medical billers have to deliver the bad news that a potential clients insurance is not good enough for treatment.  Being denied from entering into a facility can be devastating worldwide to families around the globe. I think that people in general have to look at themselves and ask some hard questions. What is it that you are trying to accomplish at your facility?  Many people say that going through a program makes sense because it gives you the opportunity to feel like everything is going to be okay. In the end, you realize that things really did work themselves out in the end. In reality, you have to take a look at your medical billing and ask yourself if it was worth it. You need to say, “What must I do in order to find my own path in life?” Many medical billing companies are… read more

Chiropractic Billing Software

Every healthcare company wants to have software that is built to their specific needs.  Chiropractors often have a specific business that requires specialized software.  They are obviously not doing oncology or entomology.  When outsourcing your work to a medical billing company, it is important to have experts that know and understand chiropractic care.  In today’s healthcare profession, chiropractors are demanding better software for their billing. This article will showcase a few medical billing software’s that are being used today by many chiropractors. Many chiropractors outsource their work to Ideal Billing Solutions because we have superior software that caters to chiropractors.  We also work with treatment centers, drug and alcohol rehabs, nursing homes, private practice clinics, hospitals and others.  If you want to still do your own in house billing, you may want to check out some of these software companies that are growing in popularity. Rapid software is perhaps one of the most widely used software programs for chiropractors. This software comes highly recommended by documentation experts in the industry.  It gives you complete compliance and properly documents your claims.  This software costs around $249.00 a month and handles your EHR.  You can create documentation that is detailed in around 30 seconds. You don’t need to have any stress or wasted paper.  A lot of chiropractors say that this software works well for them because it is affordable and gives you a good outlook for your billing in 2016.  The software has a free demo and is web based.  The company offers documentation, live online support and webinars.  Chiropractors that use this software can do: appointment management, SOAP notes,… read more

Physician Billing Guidelines

There are many guidelines that go into medical billing.  Physicians billing guidelines are often complex and hard to understand.  It is important that you have a good idea of what ICD-10 is and how to use it effectively in billing. For starters, ICD-10 allows doctors to pay close attention to what they are billing patients. If you bill a patient incorrectly, your claim is going to be denied by the insurance companies. Most insurance companies today say that they want to help physicians to get paid easier.  However, most physicians don’t feel that way. Many physicians today feel that they are at war with insurance companies.  They often feel that insurance companies don’t want to pay them the fair amount of money that they are do. Most medical professionals would agree that the system is set up so that the insurance companies profit more money. However, is this truly the case? In actuality, it is not.  If you understand and know how to code properly in ICD-10, your revenues should increase each year.  Many medical billers will tell you that they are the best. They will tell you that they have been billing for years and that insurance companies are hard to work with? However, is this truly the case? In our experience, you need to have a proper education in ICD-10 coding and billing in order to get paid well on your claims. You cannot get paid well on your claims if they are filled out incorrectly. If your coder know how to submit claims properly, you should not get them returned to you by the insurance companies…. read more

Orthopedics Billing Services

An orthopedic billing service matters because it is the lifeblood of most any company.  Many orthopedic doctors spend their time helping patients with problems such as: preventing deformities, disorders, injuries of the skeleton, tendons and ligaments.  A physician’s office is a place in which patients go to get help when they are in pain or in need of assistance.  The problem with most orthopedic practices is that have poor medical billing and coding.  In house billers are often not skilled enough in ICD-10 coding to get good enough reimbursements on claims for doctors.  In fact, most doctors say that their in house billers often get them less than 70% of revenue that is due to them.  If you are considering outsourcing to Ideal Billing Solutions, we are happy to say that most of our clients get 25% to 30% more revenue through working with us. Our coders are ICD-10 certified and they know billing well.  We only hire the best possible candidates for the job.  Since we only do billing, we are experts. We don’t have to worry about seeing patients.  That is not our specialty. Our specialty is perfecting ICD-10 coding and making sure that you are paid on time and well.  Enjoy seeing the smiles on our client’s faces when they tell us that they are earning good revenue. It is important to not have to focus on your billing.  Your focus is on medicine that tries to prevent problems having to do with the bones and muscles. It is a fact that the #1 complaint from patients is that they do not have enough time to… read more

Oncology Billing Services

Oncology billing services are one of the amenities that we offer at Ideal Billing Solutions.  When you have an expert doing your ICD-10 coding, you get better results.  An oncologist is often busy working with patients dealing with tumors, cancer and other ailments.  Medical billing is becoming a full time job for most physicians.  Today, outsourcing seems to be the most likely thing to do for doctors across the United States. It is important to understand the many benefits that outsourcing can give to you. For starters, you won’t have to worry if you are getting paid or not. Ideal Billing Solutions has certified iCD-10 coders that handle all types of claims. We work with: oncologists, chiropractors, treatment centers, rehabs, hospitals, pediatricians and so much more.  We focus on the needs of our client and give them superior service that we know their establishment needs.  It is important to speak with someone live on the telephone in order to get more information. Working in oncology doesn’t give you much time to work on your billing. Many doctors spend more time with their billing than with their patients.  Many patients are growing frustrated because they feel that their doctor is only spending 5 to 10 minutes with them during the visit. The rest of the time is working on asking questions and billing.  Most doctors that spend more time with their patients retain them for longer periods of time. Some patients stay with the physician for life. It is clear that in 2016, patients want more attention and doctor time.  Doctors need to make some serious decision on whether they… read more

Occupational Therapy Billing Services

We offer unique services when it comes to occupational therapy billing.  We understand that your medical practice needs accurate billing. Ideal Billing Solutions has professional ICD-10 coders that handle your collections and revenue cycle management.  You have access to patient data and financial information every day.  We offer state of the art software that is customized to your business needs. We have been doing billing and collections for years now. We enjoy helping our occupational therapists get to the next level. You will find that our aggressive techniques with insurance companies help you to get higher returns on your claims.  We get you the maximum reimbursement.  Our success is because of the professional coders that we have working on our team. We take billing seriously. We don’t profit unless you do.  We give you a detailed report every single month.  When you work with Ideal Billing Solutions, we usually get you paid within 30 days.  We work on your outstanding claims that you presently have. Often, in house billers do a poor job at handling many types of claims and often put them on a “do it later” pile. In actuality, you often never get paid on these claims. We follow up with the insurance companies on every single claim to ensure that you get paid. The best part of working with us is that we give you up to date details daily. We have customized services that are great for occupational therapy practices, chiropractors and oncologists.  Ideal also works with treatment centers and rehabs of all sizes.  You will get easy to understand patient bills and your claims… read more

Ob/Gyn Billing Services

It is never easy to find a medical billing company that specializes in Ob/Gyn services. At Ideal Billing Solutions, we are happy to say that we have lots of experience in billing for gynecology doctors. We know that you need to have appropriate software in order to input the correct ICD-10 codes.  We are one of the top companies that deals with all kinds of medical billing.  Your healthcare matters to your patients.  Many physicians spend countless hours a day worrying about their billing.  It is said that gynecologists are spending more time with their billing then with their patients.  Doctors are having a difficult time understanding ICD-10 coding and billing. In order to stop this from happening, it is important to outsource your billing to the right company. Ideal Billing Solutions is known for its expert practices in utilization management, billing, ICD-10 coding and so much more. Our certified coders go through each of your claims on a regular basis to see when they are going to get paid on. No longer do you have to worry about if your claim was submitted correctly or when you should expect to see your revenues increasing.  At Ideal, we know how important it is to keep your Ob/Gyn practice up to date.  We handle a lot of the paperwork for you and make your job easier.  You only have to tell us what your needs are and then we take it from there. Coding today is a lot different than it was 10 years ago. Today, physicians are having to think hard about their billing.  If you are losing profits… read more

Mental Health And Psychology Billing Services

Ideal Billing Solutions assists mental health practices in the area of medical billing.  We have a lot of experience dealing with ICD-10 coding and understand the process.  When you are looking for a medical billing service, it should be built on a solid reputation.  At Ideal, we get wonderful feedback from our customers and would like to take you on as a client as well. When you are planning your billing, make sure that it includes the following: Your Collections Need to Be Increased. We follow up on all claims. We increase your profitability. We make money when you make money. Our services help to increase your own physician services. You never have to worry about billing. We handle all of the software. Your practice gets a decrease in claim denials. Ideal Billing Solutions offers you a way to gain insight into your financial outlook. By outsourcing your psychology billing services, you get a team of experts working in your favor.  If you have questions like, “Am I collection the largest amounts on my claims that I possibly can?  How can I increase my revenues?”  These are questions that are on the minds of many of our clients when they come to us.  To put it simply, we make the process easy for you.  With Ideal, you get: Prompt and immediate posting of payments. Weekly and monthly reports of your practice. Utilization management. Benefit Verification. Revenue Cycle Management. A mental health clinic needs to worry less about their medical billing.  It is best that you do what you have been trained in.  We are trained expert in billing and… read more

Medical Coding For The Future: How To Plan Ahead

It is important for healthcare providers to plan ahead when it comes to their medical billing and coding. Today, coding is more complex than it was a year ago.  Many coders today find that taking classes in coding help them to become a better expert. Did you know that ICD-10 has over 100,000 codes that a person must become familiar with? Over time, you will see that these codes are not always easy to understand. Many schools recommend that a medical biller understands anatomy and physiology. Most associate and bachelor degree programs will have these courses as part of their program. It is important to know a lot about coding today because it will mean an acceptance or denial for your claim.  A woman by the name of Mandy had her own healthcare facility. She was an MD and enjoyed her job.  She didn’t know much about medical billing. However, she was too busy to hire someone to do it for her.  Instead, she decided to work on the billing herself. Within a couple of years, she had to close her practice because she could not earn enough revenue to support the business. Today, being a medical doctor also means having a good business plan. It is great that you know about medicine and health. However, can you afford to keep your doors open? As we all know, money makes the world go around. If you don’t have enough to keep a business afloat, you will most likely have to work for someone else. Most doctors like having their own practices. It offers you more freedom and job security…. read more

Ideal Billing Solutions offers medical billing and coding services. Our team of experts will give your healthcare practice the kind of attention that it needs to get good revenues.  Medical billing today is a lot different than it used to be.  For instance, we now have ICD-10.  ICD-10 coding got released on October 1, 2016.  We have been training with ICD-10 long before it got released to the public. This means that our team has a lot more experience than most billers.  You may find that your in house billing team is not getting good collections on your claims.

If your claims are being unpaid or underpaid, then it is a problem that you need to fix right away.  Many physicians tell us that they need to have their entire billing process looked at.  The main reason for this is that they are losing far too much revenue before working with us. When you work with Ideal Billing Solutions, you begin to see an expert of billers working hard to ensure your success.  Medical billing services are serious business today.  Without good billing, you cannot be as successful as you would like to be. Unfortunately, everything revolves around your billing these days.

When looking at your billing, ask yourself important questions. What are you hoping to gain from your billing?  If you need increased revenues on your claims, then you often have to outsource it.  Many newspapers and health journals are reporting that physicians are choosing to outsource their billing these days. The reason is because ICD-10 is so complicated that most billers cannot bill correctly.  As hard as it may sound, you need to think seriously on the changes that need to happen at this point in time.

In the past, many medical billing services were able to give you good results using ICD-9.  There were only around 14,000 codes and billing was a lot less complicated. Today, billing is much more complex. ICD-10 has over 100,000 codes. Sometimes a diagnosis needs multiple codes.  The codes in ICD-10 are longer than they were in ICD-9.  If you haven’t already bought new software, you will need to buy new coding software because your old software will not work for most of the codes. If you work with Ideal Billing Solutions, you don’t have to buy any new software. We take care of all your coding and billing needs. All of our coders are ICD-10 certified.  You will be happy to know that we have many satisfied customers saying that they are already seeing a 20% to 30% increase in revenue while working with us.

Most physicians feel happier about working with us because they get to spend more time with their patients. A lot of physicians report that their patients are unsatisfied with the amount of time that they get to spend with them. It is often common to hear of a patient saying that they spend only 10 minutes with their doctor and it’s not enough time. However, doctors often have to spend 20 minutes figuring out the correct way to bill the patient.  Insurance companies today are looking for any kind of mess up that you create.  If they find a flaw in your claim, they will send it back to you. Many in house billers say that they often get their claims sent back to them 2, 3, 4 and even 5 times.  Eventually they will either give up or take less than what they deserve to get paid.

If your company is looking for utilization management, revenue cycle management, benefit verification and a host of other services, then Ideal Billing Solutions can help you.  Our clients come to us from all 50 states.  They are seeking a medical billing company that understands their needs. Many of our clients are: treatment centers, nursing homes, hospitals, physician’s offices and drug and alcohol rehabs. If you have a healthcare business, we can work with you.  We often like to think of ourselves as being a team with you.  When you call our office, we will discuss in detail how we can provide our services to you. You will be shocked to find out how competitive our rates are.  Our rates are much lower than other medical billing companies.

Some of the other services that we offer are: rapid electronic claims processing, audits, follow up on all claims, monthly patient statements, eligibility and verifications, admissions, negotiations with payment agreements, electronic claims agreements and so much more.  You will find a host of medical billing services while working with us. Many of our clients say that we help them to get their business back on track again.

Many physicians are saying that they are leaving their medical practice because they cannot afford to stay open. They blame the insurance companies for being too strict with processing claims and not paying out fairly. However, is this really the problem? In our experience, this is not the problem. The problem is that most billers do not know how to code or bill correctly.  At Ideal Billing Solutions, we only work with the best ICD-10 coders that have proven themselves. Our employees are screened throughouly so that you can see success.  We only work with medical billers that have a proven track history of getting high revenues for healthcare companies.  Ideal Billing Solutions is growing at a rapid rate and many of our clients are saying good things about us.

We also work with: chiropractors, OBGYN’s, cardiologists, dermatology, family practice physicians, gastroenterology doctors, internal medicine, mental health clinics, occupational therapy, oncology, ophthalmology, pain management, pediatric, podiatry, physical therapy, rheumatology, speech pathology, surgery centers and urologists.  As you can see, our clients come from many different backgrounds.  We have a staff that has worked in the healthcare industry for many years. We bring our years of experience to you.  Our medical billing services are one of a kind. We are sure that you will find lots of peace and happiness while working with us. Let us show you how we can improve your medical billing today.

If you are a healthcare company and thinking about outsourcing your medical billing and coding, it may be a good idea.  The medical billing services that you get at Ideal are exceptional.  Our clients often tell us that we have superior skills in ICD-10.  ICD-10 is hard for a lot of billers to understand.  Many billers that worked with ICD-9 have told us that they do not understand a lot of the coding that goes on with billing. A lot of physicians are choosing to outsource today because most billing companies are experts in coding. Healthcare billing is becoming too complex for most physicians and nurses to understand.  Billers today must be certified in ICD-10 and have years of experience working in billing.  A lot of billers today have their associates, bachelors and master’s degrees.  You often have to take courses in anatomy and physiology as well.  Today’s billers should work alongside of doctors to help understand the patient’s treatments and ailments.  It is necessary to document everything correctly. Many physicians get rejected claims because their billing was done incorrectly.

When physicians come to Ideal, they often tell us that they are frustrated with the insurance companies. They often tell us that they don’t know what they want anymore.  We agree that ICD-10 can be an extremely frustrating process if you don’t understand this kind of coding yet.  We have been working with ICD-10 for a long time now.  We don’t have the same problems as most billers and coders are facing. We are experts in ICD-10 and want you to work with us because of this reason. When you work with us, you will find that we do your electronic medical records perfectly.  Your EMR matters today for accuracy.  Our clients depend on us for perfection.

Our medical billing software is one of a kind.  It is designed to meet the needs of our clients.  We take extra special care in updating our software consistently so that you can feel rest assured that everything is going to work out accordingly.  Our coders do both inpatient and outpatient billing.  Our clients often send us their testimonials of how they are doing. We enjoy hearing stories of increased revenues and more free time.  Today, you have to be an expert in most industries.  Doctors go to school in order to learn medicine.  They cannot be expected to know the ins and outs of the medical billing industry. Most medical doctors agree that the billing system is to far complex to figure out unless you have gone to school to study billing.

Medical billing services are necessary for today’s healthcare companies. We offer services such as: informative financial reporting, claims follow up, charge entry and review, benefit verification, admission staff benefits training and monthly patient statements.  There are many services that we offer that are customized as well.  Our clients go into detail about what their needs are and Ideal customizes a plan that is right for you.  You will find that our coders follow up on all claims and to the submission of UB04 and HCFA-1500 claims. You can be rest assured that we give rapid electronic claims processing as well.  The shocking thing is that working with an outsourced company actually saves you money.  You can easily spend over $100,000 a year with your own in house biller.  Most outsourced medical billing companies charge between 4% and 15%.  This includes software and everything else that goes along with billing. In actuality, you save both time and money.  At the end of the day, everyone is looking to save money and cut costs. We all want to earn more money.  Ideal Billing Solutions provides a way for companies to benefit and earn more revenue.

Thinking About Outsourcing Your Billing In 2016?

Outsourcing your billing to a professional company is often a big decision that most people are afraid to make.  Many physicians today wonder if outsourcing is the right choice to make.  In reality, outsourcing can be the best thing that has ever happened to you for numerous reasons. Billing today has become a lot more complex. You even have to be HIPAA compliant and ICD-10 certified.  There are many factors involved in getting your claims approved.  Many medical claims today are paid on with proper coding.  A medical billing company needs to always be in touch with what is new.  It is important to read journals on the topic of medical billing and coding.  In the United States, there are thousands of companies that are having a problem with ICD-10.

ICD-10 doesn’t have to be hard.  A lot of billing companies actually work well with ICD-10 because they have trained and prepared for the change from ICD-9.  It is said that many coders today are going back to school in order to learn how to code properly.  Proper coding is essential in getting to the next level of success.

Ideal Billing Solutions offers your company a way to succeed. You will find that outsourcing your medical billing to us gets you higher revenues.  Many physicians use our services because we give outstanding customers support. Many coders say that we are in a new era of healthcare.  In order to be good at coding, you are going to have to do it full time. Having a full time career in medical coding is essential for success.  I find it to be easier to establish myself in coding with the help of people that want and need assistance. Life is often a hard and complex topic to discuss for most people. If you focus and concentrate on what is most important, you will find success.

Medical billing companies today must be well informed about the changes happening in the billing field. At Ideal, our coders are ICD-10 certified.  They have years of experience and know what healthcare professionals are looking for.  Many of our new clients tell us that they do not like what their in house billing team is doing and want to outsource.  We have heard this many times before. Our employees are carefully screened for accuracy and success. We make sure that your medical billing claims are processed carefully and accurately. You will get weekly reports from us on how each claim is coming along.  A medical billing service should provide you with a good understanding of what to expect. The future of billing is said to become more complex. The sooner that you outsource your billing, the better. Eventually you will come to see billing as being an easier task. When you outsource your medical billing to us, you begin to see results rather quickly. We begin to help you understand how powerful your revenues can become. The doctors that work with us are often satisfied with the results that we bring to them.



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